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My favourite musician:

Name: David Christian Bongartz
Star name: David Garrett

David Garrett was born in Aachen on the 4th of September in year 1981.

David Garrett is a famous German violist. He is the most famous violist all over the world. His violin cost about a million Euro. He was in the Guiness – Record book as the fastest violist. He played 13 notes in a second, but 2010 Ben Lee played the Hummelflug piece in 64,21 seconds. That was on second faster than Garrett.

What I think about his music:

I think he is the greatest violist all over the world.

Songs: Classic Romance, Legacy, Virtuoso
Markus Falkner 3b

Jennifer Lopez

My favourite singer is Jennifer Lopez. She was born on 24th of July in 1969. She was born in New York. She is a very good singer. Her songs are beautiful and her voice is perfect. I love it. Jennifer has got two sisters. At the age of 16 Jennifer got a little break through eith the film „My little Girl“. Then she was in a dance school in Manhattan. Her first album was relesed in 1999. Jennifer Lopez has twins. Her last album was released in 2011. This is my favourite singer!
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